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Freitag, 24. September 2010

A YouTube Video I found

Here is a YouTube Video I found and i can`t stop watching it.

Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

The legacy of the old romans

...or the cruelty of latin.

Latin... my "favorite" school subject.
No, seriously, i suffered 5 years, 5 goddamn years because of it.
I had absolutely no clue about this goddamn language.
Either I was too dumb or too lazy for it, but i hated it.
I hated it so much.

                                         Fuck you romans, fuck you.

Maybe I wouldn`t hate it so much if I had another teacher.
My latin teacher was a completely idiot.
And well, he disliked me. And I disliked him.
I hate this language much more than anything else.
I had to study it for 5 years. And after that 5 years I had nothing, because my mark was too bad.
5 years and not even a note that i did that shit.

Goddamn it, romans!


First Post! :)

I try to explain the purpose of this blog :
Next year (2011) i will write my "Abitur" (German High school degree) and I`m done with school after 13 years.
13 years. Wow. That IS a really long time.
And i have absolutely no clue what i want to do after school.
Well, at first i will have to do my "Zivildienst" (it`s hard to explain to someone who doesn`t know what it is, but i will try).
If you are done with school in germany you have to do "Zivildienst" or go to the army for 6 months. The women dont have to, but the men. Well, talking about fairness.
Back to the "Zivildienst". If you are doing "Zivildienst" you are doing social things like helping old people or other stuff.

This is the end of my first post.

See ya!

P.S. : Please excuse my bad (?) english. If you read the text you know it`s not my mother tongue.