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Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

The legacy of the old romans

...or the cruelty of latin.

Latin... my "favorite" school subject.
No, seriously, i suffered 5 years, 5 goddamn years because of it.
I had absolutely no clue about this goddamn language.
Either I was too dumb or too lazy for it, but i hated it.
I hated it so much.

                                         Fuck you romans, fuck you.

Maybe I wouldn`t hate it so much if I had another teacher.
My latin teacher was a completely idiot.
And well, he disliked me. And I disliked him.
I hate this language much more than anything else.
I had to study it for 5 years. And after that 5 years I had nothing, because my mark was too bad.
5 years and not even a note that i did that shit.

Goddamn it, romans!